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14 kwietnia 2018 HOMEBREWING COMPETITION Microbrewery Veselka

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1. Light lager - pils /11-12,9 % P/

2. Semi-dark and dark lager - pils /11-12,9% P/

3. Pale Ale without a specific modification /it must be light or semidark colour – from 11 to 15% P/

4. Wheat beer – high fermented /from 11 to 15% P/

5. Stout/porter without specific modification /it must be from 11 do 15 % P/

6. Wild card – other beer styles /they must not be included in any other category/
You have to define a beer style in this category.


One competitor can register only two beers in one category. In category Light lager you can register more beers (one, two or more).

Registration form must be sent untill 11th of April 2018.

Registration of beers will be held on 14th April from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. in the restaurant Veselka.

The beers can be send by post to adress:

VESELKA LITOMYŠL s.r.o., T. Novákové 64, 570 01 Litomyšl

Registration fee is 50 CZK for one beer. You must sent at least one liter of each beer!!!

Registration form send to e-mail: veselka@lit.cz


Beers must be marked by our labels.




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Z informacji uzyskanych u źródła:

- info dla osób które załapały się na podium zostało przesłane mailem,

- wyniki mają się ukazać po ich obrobieniu (bez podania konkretnego terminu). 

Ceremonię wręczenia nagród można obejrzeć na FB Restaurace Veselka Litomyšl


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