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How to find good beer in Warsaw

Pierre Celis

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A guide to searching for craft beer in the capital of Poland

Warsaw is widely known as the largest city in Poland. Naturally, the selection of places with good beer is also the largest. Some people could say that currently it is so large that it is overwhelming. How to find the right one? Fortunately, we come to the rescue and publish 3 places on the Web that will help you find a good craft beer pub.

1. Piwna Mapa Warszawy [The Beer Map of Warsaw]

Developed by Michał Sułkowski from the blog Kilka Słów o Piwie [A Few Words About Beer]. The map is based on Google Maps and includes, if not all, at least the great majority of shops and pubs with craft beer. The map makes it much easier to navigate, it lets you instantly locate the nearest pub with craft beer. Pubs are separately marked in yellow. The best pubs, which have won the Place of the Year competition of the Piwna Mapa Warszawy, are also marked on the map. Both specialists and fans of beer take part in the vote, so you can trust the recommendation.

link: Piwna Mapa Warszawy [The Beer Map of Warsaw]

2. ontap

Ontap is a very clever application. Thanks to it, you can not only quickly find out what you can drink, but also where. Craft beer pubs are grouped by cities, so you can find all the interesting places with no difficulty at all. An extremely useful solution in a foreign city. Although ontap does not contain a map, it displays the address of every pub. And then it’s just one step away from finding the right pub for today.

link: ontap

3. Kraft Magia

According to a certain radio station: „there is no disgrace in self-promotion.” We therefore recommend our services in the field of guided tours around Warsaw. We’re starting with a series of beer guides around the capital. We will regularly publish suggestions for places that live with beer, bars that need to be visited, pubs that spice up the craft beer culture in the city. If you need advice: where to eat and drink in the capital – then you are on the right website.

link: Kraft Magia beer guides

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