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#2 Rivenes

Owner Svein Rivenes
Collected by Håken Hveem
Place Dyrvedalen
NCYC 3545
Pitch 37.0°C
Kveik Y
Harvest top
Fermentation time 60 hours
Time to harvest 60 hours
Species Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Strains 7
Wort boiled Y
Preservation Jar in the fridge

Taste: Produces clear orange-like flavours, similar to #1. There is also a faint acidic tinge.

Provenance: Rivenes says he got the yeast from relatives who ran the farm before him, and that they in turn got it from his grandpa. Before that he doesn't know. People in Dyrvedalen have been sharing the yeast freely with each other, so the people there consider that the valley has a single kveik.

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