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#7 Granvin

Owner Tor Ølver Helland
Collected by Lars Olav Muren
Place Dyrvedalen
Pitch 30.0°C
Max growth temperature 42.0°C
Max ABV 16 %
Attenuation 73 %
Phenolic N
Kveik Y
Harvest bottom
Fermentation time 84 hours
Bacteria N
Species Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Wort boiled Y

Provenance: Muren got the yeast from Einar Vestrheim. Vestrheim brews together with Tor Ølver Helland, who lived in Granvin in the 1980s. Helland got the yeast from his father-in-law Hans Haugse in the mid-80s, and has kept it alive since. Hans Haugse says he got the kveik from a man named Arnøy in Dyrvedalen in Voss. Arnøy is long since dead, but other sources remember him as Johan Arnøy. The kveik probably shares an origin with #2.

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