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#22 Stalljen

Owner Stig Jarle Seljeset
Place Grodås
NCYC 4360
Pitch 31.0°C
Kveik Y
Can be dried Y
Harvest either
Fermentation time 72 hours
Time to harvest 24 hours
Bacteria N
Species Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Strains 5
Permissions Research: Yes, Share with brewers: Yes, Sell commercially: Yes
Wort boiled N
Preservation Dried flakes

Provenance: Seljeset got the yeast from his father in the 70s and has been using it ever since. He has never mixed it with any other yeast. He calls his brewery 'Stalljen' (means 'stable') because it's in the house that used to be the stable on the farm. Some people spell it 'Staljen', but that's wrong. Many write his name as 'Stig Staljen', but this is doubly wrong. He has given yeast to Olav Sverre Gausemel sometimes, see #18.

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